The Unbelievables – David Bevan

There are a multitude of accounts depicting Leicester City’s remarkable road to the 2015-16 Premier League title, but The Unbelievables is certainly one of the better ones.

David Bevan takes the reader through every Leicester City league game of that season, with each chapter providing a the lead up to the match, a brief synopsis of the match, and finally followed with a relevant anecdote influenced by Bevan’s experiences of watching Leicester City for decades.

This is an important point to consider–Bevan is a dyed-in-the-wool Leicester City fan and therefore his writing is honest and holds legitimacy. Compared to other published accounts, Bevan doesn’t focus overly on the behind-the-scenes support staff, but only what he can see as a dedicated fan. His emotion is palpable and will certainly resonate with fellow Leicester City fans and aficionados.

As previously stated, The Unbelievables analyses all 38 of Leicester City’s Premier League games. This format may seem tedious, but when dealing with such an unprecedented story, the narrative builds a wave of suspense, tension, and exhilaration. Breaking down this story into its 38 parts is a necessary endeavour to truly re-live one of football’s greatest stories.

STARS: 4.5/5

FULL TIME SCORE: A passionate 3-0 win against all the odds.

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